Lighting Tower Hire

Powerhire have introduced hybrid lighting tower hire to its product portfolio. If it’s light you require; we have the perfect eco-friendly, fuel efficient, cost effective solution. To complement our rental fleet we have introduced the new hybrid LiON lighting towers with LED technology and lithium battery, dramatically reducing running costs, maintenance and downtime.

We believe that lighting tower hire is a valuable utility to any power hire package and Powerhire’s new hybrid addition to the fleet is an ideal solution for any event or industrial site requirement.Hybrid Lighting Tower Hire

Our new hybrid lighting towers are incredibly easy to manoeuvre making them ideal for single person operation. They are also compact with a central lift facility making them easy to load/off load and transport in larger quantities.

Their adjustable stabilisers and lockable parking break make them suitable for any kind of surface and thus ideal for outside events or industrial sites. They provide instant light, each one adjustable through 1800 each way, and their extendable mast of 9 metres can be deployed in just 15 seconds with the ability to rotate through 350o.

Our engineers will fully demonstrate the varying elements of our hybrid lighting towers to suit your application which can be easy facilitated during the installation of any power hire package for your event or industrial site.

For more technical information, download our brochure here